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    I was planning on running my first cycle here soon but after reading through a lot of forums and threads I have now become some what scared, mainly of erectile function or having to be on TRT the rest of my life. I have been training for about 4 years, I am currently 180 pounds, my bench press 1 RM is 275, my dead lift 1RM is 405, and I have never maxed on squat but my 5x5 max is 330 Lb. I track all of my calories and eat healthy foods. I was planning on running test E 250 mg 2x per week for weeks 1-12 and Dbol 30 mg daily for weeks 1-4, have arimidex from day one .5 mg eod and for PCT I have clomid and Toremifene but I can get Nolvadex If need be? Also can get HCG if need be but do not have it on hand as of yet. All advice or recommendations are appreciated

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    You should be scared. AAS cycles at your age could be a pretty risky gamble.

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