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    Ton of research...Here is my cycle...Pls give advise

    Thanks for everyone who helped with my noob questions.

    First, i was over weight as a child...but never thought i had gyno. I have done 3 cycles in the past with no anti-e's or clomid. Never noticed any gyno. After my last cyle i started to lose fat and noticed exess fat and a lump in both breasts. My left was/is worse than my right. I have done a tone of research on this and decided to do another cycle w/ anti-e's. This is what i am doing.

    T4 1ml/wk
    D3 1ml/wk
    Winny at week 8
    then at end Clom
    also going to work HCG in.

    Currently in WK 3. I started taking nolva in wk2 (10mg/day) and my right just about disappeared, just a small bump. But my left is still pretty bad. i only have 2 sheets of nolva so i am doing 10 mg/day and 1.25 of the femara/day (just started in wk 3).

    Any recommendation on dosages for the anti-e's?

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    Increase nolvadex intake daiy to 20mg a day, and stacking it with proviron at 50mg aday, and you will lose those bitch tits so fast, you wont know what the fuck happened.

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