In my personal experience, nothing has given me more of a thermogenic boost than tren suspenion, not tren ace, T3, clen , DNP etc. I inject 5-10mg only into fatty areas and for the rest of the day my energy expenditure is massively increased, there is also a very pronounced site-specific fat loss. Using the low dose I mentioned before I avoid any dramatic side effects as well which is nice, 10mg ED may even be too high, I might stick to only 5mg ED.

At 6,4 260ish lbs probably 15%BF, this is what I have been doing getting leaner while maintaining 260ish.

5mg x2 tren suspenion ED

25mcg x2 T3 ED

200mcg injected albuterol ED

200mg x3 caffeine ED

125mg x2 test enth EW

15mg cialis + 3IU insulin R x2 EW (maximum muscle pump, this has helped me maintain LBM) - without doing this I notice I lose muscle size very fast.

Using this combo of drugs is allowing me to recomp very fast and I am getting stronger seemingly by the workout. Ironically, I have a massive sense of well-being which is not typical for tren. Not sure how the average person's cardiovascular system will respond but my BP and HR are still stellar at roughly 110/55/50. The injected albuterol synergizes extremely well with the other drugs but it can screw your HR up pretty hard, 50mcg of injected albuterol is probably plenty.

Of course diet is the main factor for fat loss, I eat roughly 4500 calories a day RN which is probably a deficit of at least 2000 for me.

Good luck everyone!