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Thread: Npp 200

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    Npp 200

    Anybody run npp dosed at 200. Always ever used 100mg. But my source only has 200 now. Curious to give it a go.

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    no . only have ever seen 100mg/ml . let us know how the PIP is on it

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    Iíve ran 150 and 200. Problem with both is they crystallized at a higher MG. Always had to put them in hot water before injection. Otherwise never got pip always smooth.

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    I have seen some bottles with mixed esters of nandrolone with concentration like yours and the bottles were labeled npp 200. You can ask about that to your source.
    It may have badass PIP though, either way.

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    I had npp dosed at 150mg per ml, iirc it was sp or bio labs. Pip was less than most test prop at 100mg per ml.

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