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Thread: Couple of questions...

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    Couple of questions...

    Hello guys! I know that best thing with gear is to keep hormone levels steady as possible, no high peaks and dramatic lows, so administration shoud be regular on same times, dependent on half life of hormone...
    So the thing I'm wondering is..
    1)is there any advantage of useing(let's say dianabol or some other compound) just on training days 30min.before training..and no other days.
    2)how is best.. use smaller dose10/ 20mg per day maybe on training days 30 mg/day, but for longer time 6/8 maybe 10 weeks (let's say dianabol/anvar/winsdrol or other compound) Or higher dose but for short time (classic 4-6 maybe 8 weeks)

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    Steady blood levels? Do the same, stay the same.
    Even tren becomes as effective as water, if not twisted/increased.
    Well. It will keep your gains, but forget about more gains after 6 weeks, if u dont increase or switch to stronger compounds.

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    you don't need to worry about fluctuating "levels" if your dosages are high enough. Your confusing blasting a cycle with TRT .

    on TRT , if you get your levels to say 800 ngdl , and anything below 500 makes you feel like crap , well you want to be consistent with your dosing to try and stay steady at that 800

    if your blasting a gram of test and your levels are at 7,000 ngdl ,, its really not that big a deal if they drop a little bit down to say 5000. your still at very supraphysiological ranges.
    this is your base . then you can add Dbol in with this however you want. a dose in the morning and a dose pre workout. or just one dose per day. it does not really matter. you don't necessarily need to try to spread the dosing out throughout the day in an attempt for 'steady levels'
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