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    Slight modification to austinites first steroid cycle (my first cycle)

    . I have a couple of questions.
    If one were to change the length of this cycle to say 8 or 10 weeks would PCT still be the same i.e. same start time, duration and dosages of the clomid and nolvadex as for the 12 week cycle?

    Also on the 8-10 week cycle you would take the hcgfor 8-10 weeks (depending on cycle length) and the arimidex for cycle length plus two weeks?

    It was mentioned that you should commence taking raloxifine if you suspect gyno. If I were to start raloxifine due to suspected gyno do I stop taking the test E, hcg and arimidex and forget about PCT or do I continue the cycle as planned just with raloxifine added every week (including the pct weeks)?

    This will be my first cycle. I’ve been lifting for over 7 years now. I’m 27 and 178cm tall. I’ll have to cut before I start this as I’ve put on quite a bit due to a hernia operation and holidaying.

    Ps: which are the appropriate sub forums to discuss drugs such as t3 and dnp and to post blood test results?

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