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Thread: New Year Cycle

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    New Year Cycle

    Small disclaimer : Do not copy paste this cycle. This is just for entertainment purposes.

    Most of the time this section is beginner to intermediate users asking questions. I wanted to share something from a different perspective.(tentatively end of Jan or early February). It's just for fun, again do not try to copy this as it's based off my own response to gear.

    Pre Cycle : 3-4 Week prime. Starting at ~6-700gr Carbs and titrating up to 950gr Carbs. I will likely keep Protein (220gr) and Fat (80gr) static.

    Current HRT, split into MWF injections where applicable (Year round)

    90mg Test
    150mg Deca
    150mg Primobolan
    30mg Tren Hex
    3IU HGH
    1000IU HCG
    30mg MK677
    20mg Cardarine
    50mg DHEA

    Week 1-20

    900mg Primobolan E
    300mg Masteron E
    30mg Injectable Anavar per day (Cyclodextrin Complexed)
    HRT carries over. Test goes up to 120mg from 90mg

    Week 1-4 and Week 18-20

    100mg Injectable Glutathione 3x per Day
    250mg Udoxyl 2x per day

    DAY 1:

    1200mg Tren Hex

    DAY 1-7 :

    300mg Tren Base per day (3x100mg)

    Day 130-140

    120mg Tren Base per day (3x40mg)

    Will be attempting to go from 254 lbs @ 14% body fat to 259-261 lbs @ 12% body fat.
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