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Thread: Fina Cart?

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    Question Fina Cart?

    I was needing some help with a finakit. I have been reading recipe after recipe for the conversions. I thought I was clear then I read a few other recipes for the conversion and it has me somewhat bewildered.
    I have just ordered 2-100 pellet boxes of Finaplix -H. After I have been doing all the reading, I have gotten mislead by what is exactly a cart. Is is ten pellets or is it the entire box of 100 pellets?
    I want to convert to 75mg/ml. How many pellets do I need and please give me a good recipe and the best site to purchase the kit. Which size kit to order? Whatever you can help me with. I have been a member here for a while and know that you guys will give me the info I need. Just a little crossed on the correct info after all the reading.

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    You have two carts so you will need a 4g kit. Each cart has 100 pellets in it, you will need to use both carts (200 pellets) with the 4g kit. I dont want to take a chance and brake any rules so I am not going to post any links. Sorry!

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