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Thread: Estrogen bloat sometimes a myth

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    Estrogen bloat sometimes a myth

    you hear it all the time and have been for years on forums and online.. estrogen causes bloat and water retention.

    95% of the time when a guy gets water retention he thinks his estrogen is too high. this is not always the case.

    surprise surprise -- STEROIDS themselves are what cause water retention and bloat. its not at all necessarily the estrogen that may come with some AAS use .

    heres why. most AAS are retentive based. meaning they up regulate all sorts of things in the body to make the body hold onto more things , this is how they help grow muscle. your holding onto more protein, more nitrogen, more glucose, more minerals, more water, more blood etc.. this is great for building muscle but can 'bloat' you.

    heres a more direct reason in regards to water retention.. your spilling over. how. well most steroids help up regulate glucose metabolism and super compensate your muscles ability to store glycogen. when glycogen is stored it carries with it 3x its weight in water and stores that water with it.
    with the steroids your taking your muscles can finally be totally full of glycogen (natty lifters can't achieve this as well) ..
    But you still have all that carbs and glucose coming in and a very ramped up glucose metabolism. theres no more storage in muscle tissue . so your body will actually begin storing glycogen under the skin and various other parts of the body. and remember , glycogen stores with it 3x its weight of water .

    so now guess weight. you have water being stored under the skin and around organs and fats ,, and you get edema (water retention) and bloat .

    You really think the estrogen is causing this ??!!! come on guys

    how many fit sexy thin 25 year old girls look like a fat bloated geared up power lifter all puffed up .. and these girls have 3x the estrogen you do.

    its not the estrogen . its the steroids themselves and their retentive nature and the spilling over effect that they can have on the body .

    simply modify your diet , especially carbs, and or lower your dosages of AAS next time your "bloated" -- don't worry about your estrogen , its not as likely the cause.

    side note - now I'm not saying that estrogen can't play a role . it does.. heck it also helps with up regulation of glucose metabolism. and some estrogen receptors in the lower back and thighs can hold water.
    but for the most part its not estrogen.
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    Informative as always. Curious did my PM come thorugh?

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    So, what exactly have to do to avoid water retention ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jong7 View Post
    So, what exactly have to do to avoid water retention ?
    well you may not want to avoid it if your goal is to add a lot of muscle and mass in the first place .

    its called "osmotic supercompensation". -- see my thread here

    you think 300 pound bodybuilders to get to that size were worried about water retention during growing phases. probably not. just put your hoodie on and grow and stop trying to look so dry and lean and wearing tank tops in the gym.
    thats if your goal is mass

    having said that . YES it can surely be avoided. people I help out in contest prep run plenty of AAS and come on stage looking dry and hard without water retention. so it can be done. but being dry is not something you maintain for months on end. its not sustainable.

    without going into all the details on contest prep. heres some very simple ways I get guys dry.
    3 weeks before a show
    drop their test out or way down and up their androgens real high . then
    Winstol (blunts cortisol which is a hormone that can cause water retention )
    Materon (muscle hardening androgen that will blunt certain receptors that may influence water retention)
    Tren (a super androgen, helps partition even more glycogen into muscle to help prevent spilling over and thus water retention)

    I won't go over the potassium manipulation, salt manipulation, water manipulation, and dirueitc use , and how to use carbs to pull sub q water out of the skin and into muscle cells . but this is all part of it. to advanced to go into here.

    you can use some of these things in your own personal strategies to limit water retention. run mainly non retentive dry compounds for your AAS. keep your test dosage lower. use Winstrol to blunt cortisol. use Masteron . use something like var and primo as your anabolics.

    and of course DIET . if your spilling over a ton of glycogen and its storing water in other places . then simply lower your carbs.
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    I would like you to cover an entire bodybuilder preparation.
    I pray to get this post one day!

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    This is really useful to me. I still don't know the theory behind the shreded look, although I plan to dig into it and experiment on a spring cycle.

    The only tool I know for pulling subq water is a water fast day.
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