Recently got a batch of Equipoise and was super excited to try it out! Here is a basic break down.

Test @650mg EW/ Mix of 60% Long acting 40% quick (by far my favorite mix [Enanthate /Propionate ])
Equipoise @800mg EW
HCG @500iu EW
Adex @0.25 E3D

Quick version of post: Will 400mg of EQ still be effective as a filler/cycle compound? if not what about 600mg?? 600mg+ is a no for this one.

If dosed at 400mg to 600mg will use dianabol or Anadrol tapered for 6+ week (liver permitted) use.

OK so first off who ever said it takes forever to kick in as a ****ing liar. Within a week and a half frequent trips to the fridge and cabinets were had. Fought them, Checked the mind games & then my stomach would turn and that feeling of really needing to eat just hit. Vascular? Holy shit fuck yeah. within two weeks I had this almost grainy texture to plump vessels poking right out. Gains? my Abs definetely looked high quality haha! that last one might be my mind playing tricks on me. But damn did the muscle look like good mature muscle. I will say it took about three to five weeks for the quality muscle to show but I was in love with it. What I didn't like was yet again another SUPER smack to the dome.

Elevated RBC. Super super super thick blood I didn't need a doctor to know. hard pulsating heart, high blood pressure, high pulse, tension all over the body and more. donated my plasma desperately but didn't know that the blood is returned right back during donation. Took 1 hour and 45 minutes to donate my plasma while average time was said to be 30-40ish minutes. When asked why, Thick blood was the answer could literally be heard across the room from another nurse. Blood clotted three times being stuck for samples once. Found a way to remedy this situation on your own. every two months looks like. Blood is O+ so I might donate since I'm a useless piece of shit in real life(sarcasm). Might as well save one I guess..

Anxiety as I'm anxiety prone. This one is funny. at first I felt like a fucking rock star for several weeks. It was goooooood. Then all of a sudden I needed the blood pressure medication prescribed by doc (This was a game changer during use) to mitigate this notorious side effect. However I couldn't get off the crazy train as a whole. Elevated blood cell count. heart rhythms etc etc. It is longer acting. this crazy train almost went off the rails.

Overall?? loved it. Dislike that choosing npp or deca will be much better in the future. This was only a 5 to 6 week run btw. Still have a shelf stocked for a full cycle!!

no aggression was aggressive safe. But def no tren for me. Isolate myself on a mountain first lol