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Thread: Getting 250iu from 10,000 iu bottle HCG

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    Getting 250iu from 10,000 iu bottle HCG

    If anyone can provide me the ratios I have bacteriostatic water on hand to mix

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    how much bac water do you have?
    do you have an empty sterile vial?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Deadlifting Dog View Post
    how much bac water do you have?
    do you have an empty sterile vial?

    I ordered 3 vials water. Ican order more and an empty vial no problem. I don't start cycle for 2 more weeks

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    assuming you have all the materials and your hcg is dosed at 10K. I would mix 3ml of bac water into your 10K hcg bottle. swirl it around until it all dissolves. Then suck that out with a syringe and place it in the empty vial deadlifting dog mentioned. I would insert another 2 mil of bac water into your now empty hcg bottle to get whatever remaining hcg is kicking around in there. suck that out and put into the vial that had the 3 mil of hcg in it. so now you have 5ml of bac water in your hcg mixture. you can add another 5ml of bac water to that mixture to have 10ml of back water with your 10K hcg making it easy to dose. you now have 1000 hcg per 1ml of back water. To get your 250 hcg you will need .25 ml of solution.
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    How math works to mix HCG

    I am adding this segment because it seems that many people still do not understand how to calculate their doses after mixing. Note that CC and ML are the same thing. So here is the math to avoid more questions about it ...

    A standard insulin syringe may contain 1 cc volume. Each barrel will have markings in increments of 1 unit to 100. Therefore, each CC displays 100 unit markings.

    Step 1: Amount of hCG units in a vial Divided by CCs total solution added = Amount of hCG you will have per CC.
    Step 1 Example: 10.000 / 10 = 1.000

    Step 2: Amount of hCG per CC (result of step 1) DIVIDED BY 100 (number of units on a pin) = Amount of hCG per unit.
    Step 2 Example: 1.000 / 100 = 10

    Step 3: Amount desired per injection DIVIDED by the amount of hCG per unit (result of step 2) = Number of units to be withdrawn from your mixed vial.
    Example of step 3: 250 IU / 10 = 25 units. You would draw 25 units, or a quarter cubic centimeter on a pin.

    I hope this clarifies.


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