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Thread: What do you guys do when u get sick /flu after the fact

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    What do you guys do when u get sick /flu after the fact

    So was out for a week with the flu. Thing was terrible. Will always get my flu shot after that.

    But didn't go to gym for a week feeling small and flat as hell.

    When you get better do you ever bump up your dosages to kick start your self back.

    I was cruising on 250 test. Was gonna add some mast to the cruise but only have mast 200 and it's a mix of e and p and not sure about it. Or just run 500 mg test for a few weeks to get me back going?

    Any of you guys do that or just keep dosages the same?

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    keep the course....

    your body will bounce back just fine....

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Deadlifting Dog View Post
    keep the course....

    your body will bounce back just fine....

    Agreed. If I bump up anything it’s usually my diet. Especially my carbs, helps me start feeling fuller again. In a week or two I’m back to baseline

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    Clean diet, maybe a tad more cals, the usual vitamin c & more clear fluids

    Very interesting on how we’re effected & so quickly - when shit goes around it gets around so fast

    I just got over mine 2 days ago after being on/off sick for 2 weeks

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    This is the worst part of the year in Illinois - EVERYONE walking around with running noses & coughing.

    Best thing is drink a TON of water & force yourself to carb up.

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    Zofran and if you can't keep it down then Phenergan can be taken in the other direction.
    So, protein powder and mind your spine if you're immobile for a few weeks, eat fruit or juice if you can. The whites from hardboiled eggs are easier than most things to get down.
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    If you guys have sore throats and sinuses in the morning through the afternoon, get a humidifier by your bed. This won’t help against the flu virus, but you will wake up feeling much better.

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