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    2nd cycle advise

    I am just about to start my 2nd cycle
    I'm 32, 5.7 foot tall and currently weigh around 95 kg. Background been training more than 10 years with HIIT cardio so have a generally decent build, although carrying a bit of bf currently

    I've decided to run the following: 12 week cycle of Test E+anavar (week 6)

    300mg every 3.5 days
    hcg 500iu per week
    no AI taking GearHeaded advice

    4 week PCT regime (2 weeks after final pin):
    WK1: 75mg Clomid & 40mg Nolvadex daily
    WK2-4: 50mg Cl & 20mg Nolv daily

    Questions I have are:
    1)how to consider estrogen symptoms(low-high)and what to take(AI or nolvadex) when and dosage- afraid from bf converting to estrogen
    2)will finestaride help me reduce hair loss while on cycle or other suggestions?
    3)will test+var be in a good combination ?
    and thank you

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    this was my last mid-cycle blood review on my last cycle then thinks can be clear if im sensitive to e2 and if to take AI

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    1b) what to take would depend on what symptom you’re having. Nolva simply blocks estrogenic activity at breast tissue receptors. 10mg daily on cycle can help guard against gyno. If you’re actually getting gyno, I’d use nolva (unsure of dosage to recommend, maybe 20mg if actually experiencing gyno vs. safeguarding against) until symptoms disappear and then for some time after it clears up. Other estrogen symptoms, I’d just lower the test. Adding a harsh drug (AI) to mitigate symptoms that you’re getting from a dose of test you already cannot handle...
    2) do you know if you’re prone to hair loss? Did you have this problem during your first cycle? Don’t take drugs you don’t need.
    3) my first cycle was test + var (no AI) and my profile pic is from the peak of it
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