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    Tamox on cycle for high estrogen?

    I've been struggling with estrogen control for quite a while. I am on test all the time and then ramp it up. I think overall I've been on a higher dose for too long and need to take a break but want to flush out a few other questions before I drop to ~125mg/wk test only. I get the feeling of gyno starting (sensitive nipples and lumps) and soon as I try and AI it gets slightly better but libido drops. Libido has not been good over all.

    I was looking at my old notes. about 10 years ago I was not using AI's but I was using Tamox on cycle and when my E2 was high it seemed to bring my libido back and I didnt have gyno issues.
    I did 20mg yesterday and my gyno was better this AM. I took another dose in the morning of 20mg and then added 100mg TESTP just to see if I could boost up my test more. I felt good for a few hours and now 3 hours post TESTP my nipples are sensitive and tingling again and libido is dropping.

    Thanks all.

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    Im just going to throw this info out there raised from the dead... year 2005 to be exact. The way we were correcting any onset of gyno at that time, was to get on letro, nothing else to add just letro. Nolva never did 1 single, slight thing ever to improve gyno symptoms and certainly not to reverse gyno. I suspect the same people who were giving bad advice back then continued to give bad advice after I and many extremely knowledgeable Vets left for a while.
    Gyno is not something I screw around with because Ive dedicated months and years of my life "trying" all these serm protocols that did nothing but make me worse and cost me months of failed time. So for me, if I even get a slight tingle I jump onto letro and ditch all others especially Nolva.

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