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    Getting help in Germany?

    Afternoon folks

    I did a very dumb cycle about 9 years ago, lots of test, deca , and orals, no PCT. I've had depression and ED ever since. In Canada it's an 8 month wait to get a new GP if they won't work with you, and none of them were willing to help me since my testosterone was within range (11.5nmol/L). However, before my first cycle I had to get a physical to compete in boxing, and my test was 19nmol/L, at 18 years of age. I'm pretty convinced that since I didn't have ED or depression before my cycle, that I was damaged somehow, and have been trying to get help and failing ever since.

    I'm in Germany now, and my GP was great, immediately referred me to a uro, who sent me to a specialist who helps people with hypogonadism at the local university. This specialist found out that I was planning on using clomid to try to get my HPTA repaired (that I bought from a pharmacy in person in Taiwan, so it's legit) and she completely shut off communications with me, she won't give me back copies of the tests I gave her, and she is witholding my blood work that she took, probably because she thinks I'm going to use it to use off label drugs which in her opinion "are dangerous because they can demineralize your bones"

    Wow, rant over, thanks if you suffered through the whole thing.....

    So I'm back at square one. I need help, I can't get it, Doctors cock blocking me at every turn refusing to work with me. It sure sounds nice in the states, where your guys's Doctors are so willing to play ball and actually work with you, or you don't have to wait 16 months to get an MRI for a sport injury

    Has anyone had any experience with working with GP's / specialists in Germany? I'm considering buying some black market HCG and Nolva and trying to kickstart my HPTA (9 years later... lol) but I am also considering doing TRT, or even administering my own TRT via UG test. Any tips for acquiring competent medical help in Germany, or quality gear in Germany (and without going to jail) I would be highly appreciative.


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    No specific knowledge or advice about Germany -sorry
    However, why not go back to the doc or a different one but this time forgo talking about using substances against medical advice? Perhaps use what the doctor gives you or don't go at all and use what you already have?
    GL, Brother!

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