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    bulking - cutting

    I'm in the 6 week of a bulking cycle (750 mg test / 400 mg equipose). I went from 160 to 178 lbs. I'm am consuming app. 4500 - 5000 cals a day. My bf is app 13,5 %. I will continue to bulk until week 8.
    Is it wise to begin cutting after week 8 by gradually decreasing my cals (say about 300 cals a week) and to go on with the equipose and add some winstrol (so without the test enanth). After week 8 I will introduce also cardio and eca.
    Is it wise to do so or will I lose too much muscle...


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    I'd run that cycle ten weeks, post cycle maintain calories then after you recover run a cutting cycle and diet down. Should be two seperate processes, not all at once.

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