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Thread: Swelling at Injection Site

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    Swelling at Injection Site

    Hey guys,

    Iíve made a stupid mistake and I know it. Iíve been injecting primarily in my right upper buttocks and now itís bruised and swollen. I believe the swelling will go down but Iím wondering where else could I inject?
    Iíve injected into my thigh but could hardly walk after it and also injected into my left buttock but since I have to use my left hand I always mess it up. Anywhere else that isnít painful?

    Also what do you think of the swelling, I just think itís tissue damage. I hope itís not infected.

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    How much are you injecting? If you can keep it under .5 ml, you can go anywhere but a another common place is the delt.
    Be sure to use clean technique, wipe the vial top, use new needle/syringe each time, wipe the injection site.
    Also, almost nothing has to be IM (Intra-muscular), just pinch a fat roll.

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    Okay maybe it’s cos I boosted .7ml a few days ago but I’m boosting .4 now.

    Problem is I’m pretty lean so I don’t have many fat rolls. I’ll just try the thigh again and see how it goes...

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    Yes you should rotate the site otherwise you gonna build up scared tissues and injecting in that is not fun.

    I do the following
    - Left Delt
    - Right delt
    - left leg
    - right leg
    - left buttttttt
    - right butttttttt

    And repeat

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    All really good sound advice above. You must rotate injection site as you risk infection and scar tissue. I'd suggest delts and glutes. As for the swelling you could take a (NSAID) such as I Ibuprofen either topical or tablet. If the swelling becomes red, shinny and hot to touch see your GP right away it's also worth noting the above symptoms could be accompanied by flu like symptoms such as fatigue and fever.
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