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Thread: It's going to be my first time!

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    It's going to be my first time!

    Hi everybody , im new to this forum and im trying to get as much informations as i can before i get started! Im 20 , started to train when i was 16 (5p6 and 110lbs at the time) , 4 years later im 5p9-10 and 160lbs , i feel like i reached my limits since i don't really see my body changing or getting bigger. I always knew that i was going to use some gears at one time or another but i wanted to wait until i felt like it was the right time and didn't want to rush it.

    Anyways , i would like to know what should i take for my 1st cycle? My gym-parter who started with me gave me a list of what he took for his 1st cycle . Test E500 ,Stanozolol , Drostanolone and Boldenone and this is what he suggested me to take. Should i take the same product he took ?

    PS: I know i can't post any link from where im planning to buy but i read a lot of topics in here and saw that i can mention it so i would like to know if ashop is legit and if it ship to canada! ( Let me know if its not authorized to talk about that , i'll take it off)

    Thank you!

    **Sorry if i made some mistakes , english not my 1st language

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    I responded to this same post elsewhere I believe.
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    No source checks
    Probably not going to get many responses honestly
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuz View Post
    Probably not going to get many responses honestly
    Am I having deja vu?

    Guess he didn’t like hearing the truth the first time around??
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    I guess some people have to learn the hard way.
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    If I may. Iíve been working out since your age and now am 47. I didnít start TRT till 44 out of necessity. Many of the guys that Iíve spoken to at the gyms honestly regret starting in their late 20ís and some wish they never started.

    I train people and have for over 25 years now. One of the reasons I am here is for my older clients, who like myself want to add just a bit to the TRT as safely as possible. We have put in the time/years of training and work and hate to see our bodies showing the effects of time.

    If that is you in your avi, you should be very proud. Youíve put on 50 pounds and it shows! I donít know these guys, but they seem to be looking after your best interest, not just denying you information. Instead of starting yet another thread, how about asking them why they feel you should wait. Damn kid, I work out with guys older than myself and they joke and call me kid. You are 20!

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    dont ask for a source thx
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    Don’t worry buddy she just as nervous as you lol...

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