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    How long post-cycle for blood work to return to normal?

    Hello - I'm having trouble finding an answer to how long it typically takes after a cycle for lipids, etc. to go back to their normal levels? Thanks!
    (I'm doing a modest test/deca cycle)

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    Please provide us with ur age, weight, cycle history and any pre-existing conditions.

    With that said, look up the halflife of the compounds you took. They will give you a rough estimate. Half life means 1/2 of the substance has left your body. Double this number and add a week. This should be safe to know the roids are no longer affecting your lipids. This is the cheap/loose route.

    Ideally: have them measured periodically (taking into consideration their halflives) and then you will know for sure for yourself for future reference.

    Also, if you are running pct or not and which substances you would be running is also important.

    If this is an issue for you, you likely should have done your bloods before to know your baseline. This would be your normal. Now all you can go on is what range is "acceptable".

    Best of luck.

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