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Thread: progression of steroids over the years

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    progression of steroids over the years


    Looking to hear from the older guys who have been using for decades. I'm relativity new to using them.

    How have steroids (blanket term I know) changed/gotten better/etc over the years?

    Are they like iphones, where a better one (with less side effects etc) come out every year. Have they been majorly tweeked as we learn more about them and the body?

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    Not since “real” tren hit the UGL market

    Everything else is just about the same - I have done enough research

    Aside from peptides, roids are about the same as they were about a decade+ back

    Well, let me add this:

    raws seem to have gotten better, so has filtration

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    New steroids don't get developed anymore really, not since the 1900's. SARM's are relatively new, they aren't steroids but they are very similar.

    I wouldn't even have thought about progression of the underground market if Samson hadn't of mentioned it but that makes sense, like for example right now you can't find Mibolerone anywhere, but maybe at some point in time in the future you will be able to, or how MENT suddenly popped up at certain underground labs in the last couple years.

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    I think whats really progressed is the spread of knowledge on nutrition and how to use gear in the most affective way. Theres sooo much information on the internet. 20-30 years ago you only had some books to track down or you had to just trust your gym buddies.

    Also gear has gotten easier to get. Anyone with a bitcoin wallet can order whatever they want shipped to their doorstep. Its pretty awesome.
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