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The conversation swayed away from the OPís topic so I thought I might copy over a few things into a new post so he can get his thoughts answered, I thought this was interesting, and because I just started running Bold Ace so I was curious about a few things. If Iíve mis-quoted anyone or took something out of context here it was my fault, just let me know.

Octaneforce posted a thoughtful note and included this article, its long but an interesting read:

My thoughts were:
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Great Article, but yeah, its was dense.

I'd hoped to read that IF Boldenone had suppressive effects on Estrogen, you could just up the Test (or add Dbol , etc) to counteract the effect in suppressing estrogen. He seems to be saying it suppresses the conversion itself. Which is a problem. The fear for me is crashing Estrogen. Been there, it sucks.

I just started running Bold Ace (600wk) with 300 of Test hoping for a lean bulk, no negative side effects..... How would you guys deal with the suppressed estrogen? I'll get blood work because I'm curious now, but between the PIP and Low-E (if it is), this wouldn't be what I want for 10 weeks.
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If its competing with test for the aromatase, i dont see why upping the test wouldnt increase estrogen. There must be a ratio where eq cant keep up.
One of us needs to do a studyÖ hint, hint . But seriously, I see anecdotal accounts all over the place about EQís suppressive effects on Estrogen. But if upping the Dbol, or test or whatever does the job, great. But that does run counter to the article but I do wonder at what point the EQ couldnít ďkeep upĒ?

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But yes according to this article the only way to supplement estrogen would be by literally taking estrogen itself. At least thats what ive interpreted from it. If i want to add estrogen to a cycle, i just eat some dbol.
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I think theres way more complex shit going on that i cant grasp. Eq has been used in bodybuilding for years

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EQ is a modified version of testosterone . I call it ďdirtyĒ test. It has the Same anabolic rating as test, however it has about 1/2 the rate of conversion to estradiol.
I use it to supplement testosterone when I am pushing the limits of not using an AI. This should be a staple for those that have gyno issues.
For example, if you want to take 800mg of test, you can take 500 test and 300 EQ and you are essentially at the 800 mark without all of the conversion. Because it does not convert as rapidly, you do not have the water retention either.
Thatís my thinking about EQ as well. I choose to try (for the first time) 600Mg Boldenone Ace with 300Mg Test for about 8-10 weeks (no Ai or anything) Then transition into lower Test/Mast/Tren after that. Hoping for a lean bulk.

Side question: Even though I was thoughtfully warned by my source, Bold Ace PIP is out of this world. I thought I had experienced PIP beforeÖlike my first shot of Test in the Quads, sore for a week. But this is next level pain. I did a 1 cc in each delt on Monday, after a week of swollen, inflamed, HEAT its now just barely tolerable and Iím living on Tylenol to control the fever. I took the second does in the right quad on Wednesday (pre-workout). Ran 2ccís under hot water for a few mins then went straight to the gym and did legs. MUCH better. But still the thigh is enflamed and sore today. Hot to the touch. Iím supposed to take the 3rd dose today but Iím waiting a day. Any other tips? Iím sleeping for shit because Iím sweating like crazy and super sore in both shoulders and the thigh. Any other tricks for reducing PIP? Iíll stick with it through another week repeating those spots but might have to change my cycle a bit. I considering diluting it with Grape seed oil but that both a lot of work, and a lot of oil to inject.

Iím kind of an ass this week. Which isnít really like me but itís only been a week, I didnít crash my estrogen (yet). Itís just the PIP/Sleep grumpiness. Or, itís the influx of hormoneÖ whatever. I donít have much experience with Bold Ace, I mostly run long esters anyway, but for those of you who have ran Bold Ace, how was your mood? And how was the PIP? And did you get bloodwork (hopefully sensitive E test) showing its effect on E levels? And finally, Regarding the conflicting thoughts above about whether or not EQ suppressed E levels, or whether it stops/slows down the conversion itself? Or is it all a bunch of crap?

(If I made a science boo-boo, point it out, I need all the help I can get most days)

Any thoughts appreciated,