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    Masterone and IBS / Crohns

    Hey guys, running my first mast cycle and Iíve used test and deca to control my Crohns for years. Deca is a wonder drug for it and thereís a great study on it.

    I havenít had a flare of significance since 2013 but now bam Iím having a terrible one. Wondering if the estrogen suppression could be doing it.

    Anyone had any similar experience?

    Deca displaces xenoestrogens that cause a inflammatory response at the Estrogen receptor.

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    Man, that is a pretty specific question. You might be on your own on this one BUT I like your explanation and theory. Maybe you could add low dose deca to your combo and see if that resolves the issue?

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    Man, I’ve been wondering the same things lately - it’s kinda the reason I am totally changing up my gear selection

    I didn’t think mast would be the culprit in my case, so I dropped the tren 1st - but, I am also pulling the mast

    Don’t know - like mentioned, it’s quite a specific question

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