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Thread: Just found this great blood lab service. No insurance required !!!! Any lab anytime

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    Just found this great blood lab service. No insurance required !!!! Any lab anytime

    Not sure if you guys know about this service but I just found it.

    I went to a new TRT doc today and she ordered some base labs. I went to quest diagnostics and they wanted 1133.00 for the labs ( I have no insurance)

    I did some digging and found Jason health.

    I was able to select all the same labs the doctor ordered and even select which lab I went to.

    My total was 211.00!!!!!!

    Best part is that I can order the labs any time I want with no doctors order ( Jason health has their own doctor who writes the order)

    This may be old news but to me itís a game changer.

    For 50 bucks I can get a test panel when ever I want no questions asked, no one to explain the results to.

    I think this is huge for the private users out there. I remember years ago forgoing getting labs just so I didnít get questioned about results. No more.

    Hope this helps.

    I placed the order on my phone in the parking lot of the lab and by the time I walked inside I had confirmation email and I was already in the system. No wait.

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    this is great! thanks for sharing! i was going through privatemdlabs...which was the cheapest i found. this is like $ 100 cheaper thank you!
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    Thanks!! Mind sharing the tests you ran for the price you mentioned?

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    DiscountedLabs and walkinlab are other hassle-free labwork avenues. It's an ass-whipping to hear warning from my doc that insurance may not cover tests such as sensitive estrogen, nice to have options
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    I JUST ordered this from my current fave, ultalabtests. Not a bad price since it includes a few less common tests.

    Just found this great blood lab service. No insurance required !!!! Any lab anytime-cylon357bts.jpg
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    You might also want to look at the site that Derek from MPMD flogs in his videos they sell labwork through Labcorp:

    They can also provide TRT treatment with an actual doctor and real pharmaceutical test.
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