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Thread: Finally after 11 years- My First Cycle at 29

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    Finally after 11 years- My First Cycle at 29

    Hi all
    I am 29, lifted for 11 years ON and hardly taken any breaks except lockdowns. Trained smartly all life but attained plateau since ~2.5 years. I recently started crossfit but damaged my knee, which is healing in regard to meniscus. I am a qualified trainer for 7 years. I am a generally very healthy individual with no allergies or contraindications.

    -5’11= 181 cm approx.

    -86 kg. I am decently muscular- nor shredded to the bone neither ballooned up. I am guessing 14 percent body fat. But like I said, I couldn’t access the DEXA scans around. I do have calipers

    - It is IMPOSSIBLE to get bloodwork and bodyfat percentage done since the past 2 years as I am on a visa and things are restricted and delicate in this country, but all my life I have gotten bloodwork, lipids, CBC everything had been WITHIN Normal RANGE for ~10 years except I haven’t gotten any since 1.5 years
    - Never ran a cycle or came close to anything related to AAS before, but on this website’s forums watching silently for many many years.

    -Here is my cycle proposal:
    Week 1 to 12:SUSTANON 250 @ 500mg per week. (250mg twice weekly)
    Week 1 to 12: hCG @ 250 IU twice weekly
    Week 1 to 13: Adex @ 0.25 mg every other day (From day 2 onwards)- not sure how you break it into 4 pieces lol
    PCT :
    Planned 18 days after last injection
    Clomid @50/50/50/50 and Nolva(Tamoxifen Citrate) 40/20/20/20

    - Reason for a complex ester(and not test) like SUS 250 is that it is the ONLY one available. Moreover, things are so expensive to source in Aus- especially HCG which costs more than 3 bottles of Sus250 but still managing.

    - My goal is to enhance the quality of my physique, by gaining approx. 5kg of muscle tissue and retain the most of it (I know its realistically impossible to retain that much).

    - I used to pay immaculate amount of attention to my diet in grams but got so used to it over the years that I do not measure and seem to gain decent muscle and stay within the same weight and strength range.

    Please advise if I am headed into the wrong direction. Thanks

    I'd also like to say thanks to the creators of Educational Articles- Especially Austinite that I enjoyed reading for YEARS now.

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    I use a razor blade to cut my aromasin pills in 1/4ths. I was taking AI 2x a week and my joints felt bad so I can't imagine how yours would feel taking AI 3.5X per week avg.

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    Your story is very similar to mine. started my first cycle at 28 after well over 10 years of lifting.

    Cant go wrong with a Test only cycle for the first time. However, on the recommendation of my dealer i took dbol for the first 4 weeks because the test-e i took, takes time to kick in.

    I also didn't run HCG during the cycle, but instead blasted 1000IU EOD for 1st 2 weeks during a 4 week PCT. (2 weeks supply of HCG costed me more than 16 weeks supply of Test-E where i'm from too :'( )

    After more research i realized that wasn't the best thing to do, but i came out of that cycle with no side effects, and currently i am lifting 80-90% of what i was lifting with similar intensity while on cycle, purely relying on ball power . So the PCT sure worked.

    Also manage your expectations, you seem like a beefy guy already, so putting on 5kg (11lbs) of lean mass on a 12 week Test only cycle may be a bit much. But all the best.

    Edit - i did however take Proviron 75mgs ED during the last 4 weeks of the cycle. Mainly because it is OTC where i live, and also i wanted to boost up my free test. later found out it works like an AI, so maybe don't take my advice on the HCG. lol.
    But yeah give proviron a go instead of the arimidex . Proviron is great while on test.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DinAZ View Post
    I use a razor blade to cut my aromasin pills in 1/4ths. I was taking AI 2x a week and my joints felt bad so I can't imagine how yours would feel taking AI 3.5X per week avg.
    Yeah, I've had pill cutters before. They never seem to be able to cut them perfectly in half. Razor blades work better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cylon357 View Post
    For low dosing arimidex, search the site for "vodka eye dropper" or similar. One of the members had a write up on dissolving adex in vodka and then administering as low as you want.

    Why vodka and not water?
    Does it degenerate or lose its potency if left in water for long?

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    My advice would be a test prop only cycle to start. With this being your first cycle you should see some awesome gains. Keep the Esther short with prop in case you get bad sides. That way the sides will go away faster than if u were taking enenthate

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