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Thread: How to properly run different esters togetherů

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    How to properly run different esters togetherů

    If I want to run…
    NPP together with Deca
    Bold cyp with EQ
    Primo ace with Primo e


    Would the proper way to run those together be to….

    Use them together 1 to 1 ratio with smaller daily doses?

    Or… start the long esters first then add in short esters after long esters have had time to build up?

    Or another option?
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    Well, you don't want to add short esters after the long esters have had time to build up... you wan't exactly the opposite. You use short esters to saturate your body with androgens, while the long esters are kicking in. Then you faze out the short esters 6 weeks in and let the long esters take over. By that point you get tired of injecting so often (EOD with short esters, at the minimum).

    I don't think the doses matter as much as preference and how much you can handle. Of course, be mindful of deca /deca dick, but that also doesn't affect everyone. The best thing to do is to try one thing at a time (with low dose test) and see what each compound does individually, before combining compounds.

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