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Thread: Eq dosage

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    Eq dosage

    I will be starting a cycle next week 600 mg Test E pw with a Dbol kickstart for 5 wks. it will last 15 weeks. I didn't plan on using Eq but I was given a 10 ml bottle of Eq 600 mg. I have never tried this compound before and wanted to give it a try. In an effort to make it last the full 15 wks, I was going to do .30 ml along with my Mon/Thursday pins. This will come to 360 mg per week. Should I up it and just end when it ends and continue the cycle as original, or is this dosage worth the effort? I read anything between 200 - 600 per week is ideal.

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    Equipoise will significantly increase your appetite you will start eating like a pro eater and still feel hungry. After coming off of it I find it very difficult to control my appetite and not to binge. improves your vascularity, but I don't prefer it unless you are skinny guy and cannot eat every 2 or 3 hours, if you don't have any other option available then you can run it. When I was on it, I used to feel lethargic and out of energy all the time I mean I had to push myself a lot just to get into the gym. EQ gave me some lean gains at around 500mg/week and those were easily maintainable.
    Everybody reacts differently, this was my experience.

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    600 would be much better imo. Also don't expect much even with 600, just some increased hunger and vascularity. I love it, because it gives me incredible vascularity and good pumps, but it definitely isn't worth its price. I haven't really noticed extra muscle gains from it at all tbh, and I've used it between 600-1000mgs.
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    I have never used EQ but based on the considerable research I have done, its just a sort of ancillary to a good base which you already have with the 600mg Test.

    As for the dose, I seriously doubt you need the astronomical doses being thrown around on the internet, its simply not a great primary anabolic and all that you are going to do with a high dose is get more side effects being that EQ is documented to drop E2 and possibly Estrogen. These are neuroprotective compounds.

    I have a stash of EQ, when I decide to crack it open Im going to run 450MG Test and about 300MG of EQ.

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    300mg of eq is useless^^^^ I have some eq laying around I’ll give away at some point I’m just not open in person with many people about my usage. I’ve tried more than one lab to confirm it is crap. Any other steroid is better period.

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    Always know I’m gonna find Redz on these ones lol. Yeah man, EQ is kinda trash tbh. I also have a few bottles that I need to get rid of. I second everyone’s opinions on this. Vascular, hungry, and to add: lethargic. Not much in the way of gains.
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