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    HGH vs Anavar vs Deca vs MK677 for joints

    Just registered here but have been lurking for several months while trying to learn more.

    Several years ago, I tore the meniscus in my right knee, and they removed most of it. Squats became difficult after that, even though I never went heavy on those. I like to run and prefer to retain my speed and stamina for it.

    About two years ago, my shoulders and wrists started hurting. It prevented me from continuing to lift. Then began a cycle of lifting until they hurt, then taking time off to recuperate, and over again. So I've become less active since then.

    I'm thinking toward a test/var cycle soon, and will ask about that later.

    Mainly, my first question is, "What are the best compounds to fix up my joints, as much as possible?"

    At 43, I don't mind supplementing with an otc product (I already use fish oil), but I'm asking for your insight on stuff like HGH, var, deca , MK677, etc.

    HGH seems to be the go to compound for this, with an ai. Is this the best solution?

    Thinking to try a 12 week test/var cycle, that begins with HGH and test e, and then adds var for weeks 5-12.

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    I'll check out the turmeric/curcumin. Didn't know that helped joints.

    HGH in the long run? You mean to run it for several months?

    I had run a bottle each of BPC-157 and TB-500 together, since a lot of folks said to stack them. But the instructions are so specific, them being fragile, that I was paranoid about handling them and whether I'd rendered them useless.

    Was planning to use Test e, so my thought was to front load that so it would be working fully when I added var. Why better to front load var?


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    My joints always feel A LOT better when im on Anavar .

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