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    Just found out I weigh 20 lbs less than I though

    So never like to check my weight when I go to the Dr's cause I obsess over it. Well caught a glimpse this time. Have not been trying to lose weight beside maybe keeping sodium low and less water weight. Here are my weights the last months.
    Height 5'10
    3/5/20 - 235 lbs
    4/22/21 -225 lbs
    12/7/21 -215 lbs

    Havnt really changed anything up all were taken off cycle. Should I be concerned. Now I'm all in my head and feel like a small fry.

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    How do you look and feel? How does your bloodwork look? If the answer to all those questions is "great!", then you don't have a problem.

    You MIGHT pull blood work, but if you aren't feeling bad, I probably wouldn't study it. Could be you've had your mind on something else, or maybe changed your daily routine and now you walk more or any number of things.

    Basically, don't go looking for a problem if there isn't one. If there is, or you think there could be, get it checked.

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