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Thread: Whats my BF and what would you run?

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    Whats my BF and what would you run?

    Whats my bodyfat in the below, i am 170lb - 29 y/o and 6'0

    Currently only on 175mg test/week

    Whats my BF and what would you run?-thumbnail_img_2571.jpg
    Whats my BF and what would you run?-thumbnail_img_2570.jpg
    Whats my BF and what would you run?-thumbnail_img_2568.jpg
    Whats my BF and what would you run?-thumbnail_img_2530.jpg

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    Around 8%. What you should run depends on goals and if you plan on coming off.

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    pics look great man. but u are 170 at 6'. i would say throw some meat on that frame.

    keep that sick ass lean look u got that locked, just add some muscle to it.
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    No source checks
    Single digits for sure. What is your cycle history thus far or do you have any

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    I would have to see your legs and a clear back shot to make a guess.

    You don't need steroids at this point, pack on more mass naturally. 170lbs even ripped is very light for 6 feet tall.
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    What is your cycle experience and what do you look to gain from a cycle?

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    Well weight gain diet without worrying about accumulating body fat! I would say you have 9-10% body fat.

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