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    Kinda worried need some help!!

    Hey guys, Today was my 3rd shot and I did the airlock method to help push out that extra oil in the tip. I stuck it in and I think I hit a nerve or something cause it stung for first time in my glutes, anyhow I wasn't worried about that I asperated and then injected I Pulled everything out put tip back on needle to store and get ready to throw away and I notice in the very very end tip there was like couple small spots of blood. Did I hit a vein or inject into one or what? I asperated but I seen nothing in syringe & I couldn't get all the way around to look at tip if I wanted to nor could I have seen those little things of blood from that distance. Whats up guys has this happen before, did I hit a vein/ inject into one? Any suggestions would be better cause I'm worried my hearts going to stop from all the bad stuff you hear and read.

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    If you aspirated and no blood then your fine. Maybe you just passed through a vein.

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    Hit a surface vein man, happens to me all the time.. no worries!

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    If you hit a vein and injected you would prolly be on the floor. Im sure your fine my man. Just a little anxiety thats all.

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