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    Hows this for a cycle

    what do you think about doing 8 weeks of test at 500mgs followed by another 4 weeks taking 200mgs of primo twice a week with 50mg winstrol daily.

    1.test 250mg
    2.test 500mgs
    3.test 500mgs
    4.test 500mgs
    5.test 500mgs
    6.test 250mg....primo 300mgs
    7.primo 300mgs..... winni 50mgs ed
    8.primo 300mgs..... winni 50mgs ed
    9.primo 300mgs..... winni 50mgs ed
    10.primo 300mgs..... winni 50mgs ed

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    the winny is fine but the test doesnt need to be ramped or tapered. cant say about the primo since I have never ran it. Also the test should be ran the length of the cycle__10 weeks

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    Wks 1-10 Test Enth or Cyp @ 500mg/wk
    Wks 1-10 Primo @ min. 400mg/wk
    Wks 6-11 Winny 50mg/ED

    Start post cycle clomid wk12, one day after your last dose of winny, @ 300mg/1st day; 100mg/ED days 2-11; and 50mg/ED days 12-21.

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