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    How long after change before new blood work?

    Went from 100 mg of Test-Cyp and 12.5 mg DHEA two times a week and started a trial blast. My original Test is pharmacy grade and I have my lab work from before and then 8 weeks in. Now I started 75 mg of Test Cyp and 30 mg of Tren -Ace every other day, but these are UGL supplied so I want to go have my blood test done to see where the numbers are and verify that I am actually boosting levels for some gains. How long after changing the cycle should I wait before having testosterone levels checked?

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    Cypionate takes about 5 weeks to fully saturate.
    Levels will slowly taper up from first shot and peak at week 4-5. You'll definitely feel the strength gains at week 4 and being able to add poundages(assuming you're in a surplus and proper programming).

    As far as acetate ,itll peak even faster.
    Problem is if this is your first , you shouldn't be using another compound besides test to see how you react mentally and blood work wise.
    Especially with something like Tren . Thats my personal opinion. To each his own .

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