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Thread: HCG dosage under cycle

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    HCG dosage under cycle

    I use HCG during my cycle. I use 600iu and notice that the testicles have shrunk a little.
    Have tested the HCG several times and this is tip top.

    I have been advised that the standard HCG dose during the cycle is 250iu eod.
    I have heard that 500iu is standard, but then the balls have shrunk a lot.
    So is probably higher.
    I think I'll try 300iu x3 a week.
    I only use 300mg testo e a week and 20g mk 677 per day

    Now that the testicles have shrunk, there is also little sperm on ejaculation, the manhood is a little bit affected with little ejaculation.
    Will a higher dose of HCG produce more sperm?
    I am aware that I will not be as fertile as usual, but the amount can increase a lot

    Other opinions?

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    Go read this study. It observed exactly how much benefit hcg doses of 125, 250 and 500iu EOD brought. Very insightful.
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    thanks cylon
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