Sorry to hear about the people that have had bad batches of this, but i guess Loeffler changed something cause my sus is great, except for the soreness at the injection but its not nearly as bad a some people make it out to be, just hurts to sit down and move thats all

Prop is great, i can't believe the energy i get from it the first few days after an injection!!! Only the start of my second week so gains are minimal right now, up 5lbs, mostly water and food i'm sure. Never ate and drank so much ever!!! I guess my strength has gone up a little, nothing crazy yet, i guess that happens during week 3 or 4 on sus. Mostly my intensity in the gym has been great, maybe a placebo, but hey i'll take it!!!

Anyway, i live near mexico so i'm planning on going to buy some more gear and anti e's. I'd like to know if anyone could give some advice on the best way to get back with it safely. Please PM with the advice. Thanks bros!!!