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    Equipoise+Omnadren250 ??????

    I have a problem and I need some help, good advice . My Friend and I got ourselfs Equipoise (Bold 200) and its a 5 week cycle, 2 shots weekly ( 1cc each time) , and he also got some Omnadren 250. My question is if this a good combination of those two drugs and how to do it right. By the way this is my fist time cycling. I'll appreciate every answer, Thanks.

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    first off running eq for 5 weeks is not gonna give u very good results, its almost pointless, at least run eq for 8 weeks. omnadren is a good combination with eq. id say run the Omnadren at 500 a week to see some decent results. no offense but u sound like u should do a bit more research before jumping into a cycle........

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    You may be ok with the Omna's @ 500, That is fine for a beginer, but I would run them atleast 10 weeks @ 400 mg's. Run the test that long also. Get some Anti E's to please. Im not saying you will get gyno or anything like that, but some people man, you never know.

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    Have to agree with the two suggestion above. This being your first run get the anti-e's. Everyone is different and some have problems with it and others do not. I have never needed it but always have it on hand in the event I may.

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