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Thread: .5 mg fin vs 1 mg fin daily? Hair loss

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    .5 mg fin vs 1 mg fin daily? Hair loss

    On trt. So was on fin for 7 months at 1 mg a day. Didn't notice much but I do believe I was shedding less. Did a primo cycle and obviously the fin didn't combat that so shedding a bit during that.

    Didn't really notice any sides except I feel like I wasn't as muscular on the fin. Not sure if placebo affect or what and I would have less morning wood. So switched to 1 mg EOD. Shedding stayed. Switched to .5 mgs EOD and shedding slowed down a bit but sides feel way better.

    Now not sure if it's still beneficial being on .5 mgs after doing 1 mg for so long or should I got back to the 1 mg a day.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    There is presently an active thread on finasteride. Search for it in this forum and find a lot of answers.

    Pull DHT on next bloodwork. Go read that thread, this has all been covered recently.
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