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    Question cardio & strength

    is there a suitable steroid to help promote cardiovasular fitness and strenghth without bulking too much???

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    Although it is not considered a steriod per say, you might want to check into any over the counter products that contain Ephdrine. As long as you have never had any past hitory of heart desease or sezuire disorder you should be fine. There are many drugs out there that may cause you to lose weight, and many that can cause you to push past normal barriers in lifting but I'm not to sure about cardio. It only seems logical that you could also push past these barriers as well. Try looking into the search button focusing on your cutting cycles. With the question you asked it is much to braod to single anytihng down to one single drug. All have thier pro's and con's with different side effects as well as different positive benfits as well.

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    Fina might be suitable for this situation. I have actually lost bodyfat and gained strength with minimal mass gain on Tren . Clenbuterol is also suitable for it is known to be anti-catabolic and would work well on a cardio program. Clen will not however promote strength gains.

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