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    Anyone have experience with Chinaman's OT (Oral Turinabol)?

    Anyone have experience with Chinaman's OT (Oral Turinabol )? I really wanted to use var but the only way I can afford it is in powder and thats messy and not so easy to hide from the GF. I tried Designer**** OT before and I liked it. I am only going to do one compound. Will a low dose of 20-40 mg shut me down? Please post opinions on Chinaman's OT or general OT experiences.

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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    Yes a low dose of 40mg will still shut you down. Really can't say how good OT is because I saw it stacked with Enanthate and Deca . Hard to say unless you run it alone.

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