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    Talking dianabol

    i am going to start my first cycle of dianabol and i was wondering how much u need for one cycle and how many you take a day? and what do you need to remove the side effects and keep the gains after the cycle? if you could let me know i would appreciate it! thanks!

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    What are your stats, experience, age?? All of the questions you asked have been answered numerous times before. Just do a little research and you'll find your answers.

    If you're planning on going with Dbol alone, good luck on keeping the gains. IMO you should throw in some Test with it. Research anti-e's like Nolva for reduction of sides, and look up Clomid while you're at it so you can understand more about post cycle therapy .

    Most importantly, with the questions you've asked the first thing you need to do is hit the educational threads.


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