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    Finally scored !

    Can any of you guys give a semi beginner some input?? ....I finally scored some gear. I have 2 300mg 10cc vials of deca , 2x 200 mg EQ, 25 1cc amps of winny and 10 cc of Sipinate(sp?) oh and 10,000 iu of HCG ....... possibly 16 cc of primo........ i was thinking of breaking this up into a few cycles. if i take the deca how much should i take, for how long, and do i have to take the test with it??

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    Well the deca you would be able to get 2 cycles out of, the Eq you have enough for one cycle @400mg's, Winny you have enough for 3 weeks, get more... Cypionate you have enough for 5 weeks @ 400mg's so you will need another 10ml for a cycle and 16cc of primo if it's 100mg/ml @400mg/week you only have enough for 4 weeks.

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    you should really research and decide on a cycle you want to do first before buying. Then you'll know what exactly what you need to purchase.

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    You need to do alot more research but:
    Most guys run the things u mentioned in this sort of fashion.
    Week 1-16 Test @ 500mg E/W
    Week 1-14 Deca @ 400 mg E/W
    Week 12-16 Primo @ 400mg E/W
    Week 12-16 Winny @ 50mg E/D

    Also u might want some D-Bol to lump start the cycle till the test kicks in.
    And don't forget about Clomid post cycle therapy .
    Hope this gives u a guidline to your continued research.
    Also, your stats play a big part in your dosages so keep that in mind.
    Peace, BB

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