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Thread: clomid or nolva

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    clomid or nolva

    The source I get stuff from can get either nolva or clomid. the nolva comes in 30- 20 mg tabs. The clomid comes in 24- 50 mg tabs. I am running a 300 mg deca and Sust 250 for probably 12 weeks. The prices on the two anti es are pretty comparable. about 21 bucks for the clomid and 28 for the nolva. What do you guys think would be the best one. From researching it seems to me the nolva. Also would one pack of these be enough. How should I run it. 300 day one and 100 for the next 10. That is what I was planning. Then going down to 50 mg for 4 to 5 days after that.

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    Both-36 clomid and enough nolva to take 20mg throughout the entire cycle

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    it sounds like you think they are for the same thing. most people use nolva to prevent/correct gyno and clomid post cycle. clomid would be used similarly to the amount you posted for nolva.

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