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Thread: test and eq

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    test and eq

    I was origanaly going to use 500mgs of primoteston and 400mgs of tokkyo eq for eight weeks each.I have thought long and hard about this and I wanted another opinion on the fact that I am thinking of taking down the primoteston down to 250 a week along with 400mgs of eq.Why you ask?I still live at home and I think for a first cycle my father will notice the dramatic gains from 500mgs {he notices when I am taking cell tech}Then again this is my first cycle of test and I have no idea what kinda of results I will get.What do you guys think,any suggestions.By the way I am 22 and 6' 225 pounds 18a 33w 50c toothpick legs(I am exagerating on the legs)thanks.

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    I agree with your reasoning, also add nolvadex and proviron in there or arimidex to keep water retention off. That way you wont appear to be getting so big.

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