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    Are these typical results?

    Its weird because this is my first cycle and a relatively minor one at 250mg's of sustanon E3D. However, ive been on for a 1.5 months and ive gained 25 pounds of muscle, lost 1% body fat and bench has gone up around 40 pounds. Is that normal? I see most ppl gain around likje 15-20 lbs on three months of sustanon... Also I'm 18 y/o fyi. I know too young but i'm being careful. Only 2 weeks left5 as well then clomid.

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    here's a good compilation for you
    don't forget to post your results too

    Hope that helps

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    Well I put on a crazy amount of weight with my first cycle. It was only deca alone and 400ml of it a week. Every day on the scale, my weight went up and it didn't stop for a whole month. It was crazy.

    First cycles are like that though

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