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    winny for 6 weeks at 18

    so i was thinkin bout doin winny tabs the 50 mg. for 5 to 6 weeks. just them nutin else. just wonderin at 18 wat would the chances of any hardcore side affects from this not so hard core juice. thanks in advance.

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    Bro just watch your diet and work your ass off! Study this site for 3-4 years then as that question at 22-23

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    get some knowledge bro. i started at 18. but i asked 100 people 1000 questions for a year and a half.when i started in 1985. there were no computers or chat rooms... yes i said there were no chat rooms... shocking isn't it.

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    TO YOUNG!!!! Spend the next few years studying each AS, getting your diet in tact, and then decide if it's right to you. But NO doing Winstrol alone for your first cycle is NOT recommended.

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