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Thread: HGH with SLIN

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    HGH with SLIN

    If anyone knows a good thread let me know...I need to know how to take HGH with slin and at what age is a good age to start it? Im 26 by the way..thanx!

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    Hello mate! insulin is powerfull and dangerous. if used with caution and respect can yield very noticable results. Follow this rule of thumb and u should be fine. 10 gm high glycemic carbs per iu insulin. Take directly after workout or breakfast, use fast acting only! Start with 2-4iu gradually build up dossage to about 6-10 iu. Stay on for a max of 3 weeks any longer will just be fat.
    Growth fat burn-4iu everynight
    growth build- 6+iu everynight.
    If you gona use these bung in a course and some t3 or t4.

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