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    Different Ultragan packaging???

    I just received a bunch of Denkall Ultragan 100's from a source I trust completely. I had a bottle left over from my last cycle and the label looks different.

    The older bottle has a very bold lot number both on the box and on the vial. The lot is UB 05 with an exp date of 30 Mar 2003. The writing on the box starts on the darker brown portion of the box and the print is very fine.(there isn't any writing on the denkall symbol which is located on the light brown strip that runs down the side of the box.) The writing on the vial does not touch the light brown strip either and is quite fine.

    The newer bottle has a very fine lot number on both the box and the vial. The lot is UB 09 with and exp that reads Oct. 03. The Denkall symbol is located exactly in the same spot on the box except the writing begins over the denkall symbol on the light brown strip and the writing is bolder then the other box. The writing on the bottle is more fine then the box and the writing begins in the darker brown area not following the lead of the box.

    Just wanted to know if anyone else noticed this. I completely trust the source of the new vials but not sure about the old one.

    Let me know.


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    If its any help...

    I have an old bottle of EQ in front of me (definitely legit), looks exactly as you have described your old bottle, although the lot # on mine is UB 06 and the date May 30 2003.
    Do you have the scored hologram stickers on both the bottle and the box? Also the top of mine is silver with 6 thick blue stripes running across it... hope that helps...

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