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    First Slin shot today!!

    Well today was my first shot of slin (humalog) and I have to say no worries no problems. I know I have posted and bugged the shit out of people on the GH/Slin subject but now I feel so comfortable and this is how it went.
    This morning after taking my first dose of GH at 2ius I ate breakfast relaxed a while and went to the gym did my daily routine about an hour and a half. I had my slin already drawn up at 5ius, (BDTR would be dissapointed in me). Immediately after taking my shot I had a powered mixed bottle of gatorade with glutamine and creatine ready to drink with me at the gym. When I got home which was about 20 minutes later I could tell I felt a little weird I would describe it as jittery. I had my mid morning Muscle Milk shake and 5-10 minutes later I felt fine. For the next 2hrs no problems. Then I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant and ordered a big chicken breast and white rice. It's been about 5hrs since my shot and I have to say I feel fine. I know it's just the first shot but next shot will have a diffrent kind of drink with it to see if I can totally stay clear from the jitters probably a carb drink with the glutamine and creatine mixed in. I forgot the T3 this morning though, will have to start that tomorrow. If every day goes like this and I get the results I hope for AS might be out for me and I'll just stick with the GH/Slin. Especially because this fucking acne is driving me crazy but that's another post I'm about to put in the Spa sec check it out.

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    nah bro, not disapointed. Just lookin out for your best interests, I only said start lower than that to find out how you react. Glad everything went well for you, be safe.

    Quote Originally Posted by xtremesport14
    I had my slin already drawn up at 5ius, (BDTR would be dissapointed in me).

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    Here's hoping this one goes nicely for you bro. I might have to try it as well then. OH wait, I think I am. Shut up[ all of you. You don't know me.

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