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Thread: Life's a bitch

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    Life's a bitch

    help bro's... i missed my shot today and monday...of enanthate girl and i got in a big ass arguement and she broke my vials of enanthate and tossed my clomid god knows im a week late for everything...fuck!!! what the hell can i do...i was thinkin about just getting some more clomid and doing postcycle therapy...but the thing is...i know im supposed to take clomid 2 weeks after last shot of enanthate...but i probably wont be able to get any until like 2 1/2 to 3 weeks after my last shot..which was last thurs...will i be alright to get it then..and what can i do in the meantime right now to help myself

    by the way .....i only did 7 weeks all together..was doing 600mg a week for like the last 5 weeks there anything i could do to somehow take to continue my cycle?? i can get almost anything in couple of weeks? and price of whatever i would need isnt a big deal right now..but not tooo sick!!

    comon bro's!!???
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    the eth will still be in you body and personally I wait 3 weeks before starting clomid.Going 2 or 3 weeks before taking more test wouldn,t be worth it I would start the clomid

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    Yeah get ur hands on clomid, and run it 3 weeks after ur last shot......

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    I might re-evaluate the girlfriend situation-sounds violent.

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    2nd darmadoc. That's over the top.

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