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Thread: 6 days in

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    6 days in

    I am 6 days into my cycle (see my cycle below) the d-bol hasn't hit me yet. I know I need to wait a week in for that. I am on russian d-bol what is the max time I should wait to make sure it is working. And is it just me or is injecting addicting I have taken two shots and I can't wait to go again on tuesday.


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    You'll should start to notice a difference by the end of week 2. By the end of week 3 other people will probably notice you look puffy.
    Just keep eating and the gains will come.

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    I noticed bloating (puffiness) on the second day - by day 5 I noticed an increadible strength - I was up over 20 lb by the end of the first week- water gain

    I'm taking 25mg / day

    I didn't like the bloating feeling and started taking 20mg of nolva - now it feels much better and the puffiness is down - but didn't lose the weight.

    By the end of the first week - lot of people told me I look big.

    after taking nolva - muscles firmed and got a better definition - young intern girls started flirting with me by week 2

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