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    Clen./Cytomel questions...

    Can anyone provide some insight as to the effects of Clen . and Cytomel ? What's the difference in effect? Also, would it be practicle to combine either Winstrol or Sust. with them in order to maintain weight while losing body fat and increasing muscle mass? I'm 6'2", 200 lbs right now with approx. 8% bf... I want to maintain this weight (within 10 lbs above or below) but lose bf and gain strength. Will this work? Any and all suggestions welcomed.

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    clen is a stimulant it will supress your apetite while dieting and have some anabolic properties preserve a bit of muscle, cytomel is a fat burner gona take the lbs off theri good to take together, take them with winny and a low calorie diet for sick results

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